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Overseas Tourism Offices

Tokyo Office Add: 105-0001 Air China Building 8F, 2-5-2 Toranomon, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan Tel: 0081-3-35918686 Website:

Visa & Customs

In accordance with the Law on Entry and Exit of Aliens and other relevant regulations, the aliens who apply for the Chinese visa shall fulfill the following procedures and provide the pertinent documents.


Most visitors find they have enough trouble surviving Chinese traffic without actually taking the wheel. It is generally best to just rent a car with a driver.


Beijing is the hub of several expressways heading in all directions and here is a list of the expressways and their destinations.


Beijing has many railway stations. Most trains arrive at the central or West stations.

By Air

Beijing Capital International Airport is located to the northeast of the central districts, 26 km from the city centre.


Once known as a nation of bicycles, China today has a growing number of private car owners. Still, you are guaranteed to see more bikes than anywhere else in your life.


Beijing's bus system is cheap, convenient and covers the entire city - perfect for locals but, alas, difficult to use if you don't understand Chinese.


The subway is a good way to quickly get around the city and a traveler can easily figure it out through the station maps and English signs and language.


Taxis are the preferred choice for getting around, as they are convenient and are fairly inexpensive for travelers from Western countries.
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